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The serious demands placed on respiratory care providers require fresh, innovative solutions to help clinicians effectively assess the status of their patients and provide tailored therapy to meet their needs. The GE Healthcare portfolio delivers the technology and services caregivers need to help effectively serve the full spectrum of critical care patients, illnesses and injuries.


Less Work. More Flow. Find out how GE Healthcare can deliver critical patient information you need to make informed clinical decisions and help you provide tailored patient care.

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  Lung Volume Assessment
  General and Product Information
Medication Delivery Date Posted
  Item Disabled 06/16/2011
  Item Disabled 06/16/2011
Lung Volume Assessment Date Posted
  Clinical Summaries of published Spiro D FRC lit 06/16/2011
  Comparison of functional residual capacity and sta 06/16/2011
  Effect of vertical positioning on lung volume and 06/16/2011
  FRC - Nitrogen washout/wash-in 06/16/2011
  Evaluation of pulmonary FRC in the ICU 06/16/2011
Indirect Calorimetry / Metabolics Date Posted
General and Product Information Date Posted
  IVent 201 - Critical Care 06/16/2011
  InView calcs 06/16/2011
  Biomed brochure Engstrom 06/16/2011
  Aeroneb nebulizer informational overview 06/16/2011
  FRC Inview overview 06/16/2011
  Metabolics solutions 06/16/2011
  Engstrom Carestation specification sheet 09/14/2011
Title Date Posted
  Clinical Application 06/16/2011
  Engstrom Under the Hood 06/16/2011
  Fuel In The Tank 06/16/2011
  Predictive Equations 06/16/2011
  Steady State 06/16/2011
  Metabolics Module Vs. Cart 06/16/2011
  Cost Of Ownership and Serviceability Critical Care 06/16/2011
  Electronic Medical Records Critical Care 06/16/2011
  Fleet Conversion Critical Care 06/16/2011
  Integrated FRC 06/16/2011
  Integrated Metabolic Measurements 06/16/2011
  Nutritional support for mechanically ventilated patients 06/16/2011
Title Date Posted
  No Training Found...
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